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    Canon PowerShot SD700 reviewed


    Digital Camera Tracker got a chance to check out Canon's PowerShot SD700 6 megapixel digital camera and came away impressed, giving it an 8.5 out of 10. Packing a 4x optical zoom in a sleek and sturdy body, they gave the camera high marks for its high quality images, great color balance and saturation, image stabalization, nice LCD, and high 800 ISO. On the downside, the camera is a mite bit expensive (about $500 list), the optical viewfinder apparently stinks, and apparently the auto focus a bit noisy. It's probably not a camera for the pros out there, but it seems like the more point-and-shoot inclined should be happy -- as they usually are with Canons -- if they can justify the somewhat hefty price tag.

    [Via DP Blog]

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