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Joystiq poll: Will the PS3 price affect your console combo?

Remember back in January when we asked you about your preferred console combo plan? We were operating under two assumptions then: that Nintendo's strategy involved being the second console of choice; and that the PS3 and Xbox 360 would be evenly priced. While we may have our worries about Sony's price, we almost forgot the impact this might have on Nintendo's diminutive Wii.

While there's the Wii60 console combo, will PlayStation 3 owners pony up the extra cash for a Wii? With a finite amount of entertainment dollars going to next-gen consoles, it could be argued that every extra dollar spent on a PS3 is one less being spent on another console like the Wii. So, what's it gonna be ...

Pick your (reevaluated) console combo:
PS3 and Wii
Xbox 360 and Wii
PS3 and Xbox 360
Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii
Xbox 360

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