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Polaroid PDC 5080 reviewed/trashed by PC Mag


If you ever needed proof that megapixels aren't everything in a digital camera, look no further than PC Magazine's review of Polaroid's PDC 5080 5 megapixel cam, which sells for just $90. You know things are bad when the best they can come up with on the pro side is "light" and "cheap." The problems with the camera, on the other hand, read like a comedy of errors, from the open-at-your-own-risk blister pack the camera comes packaged in (rule #1, don't buy a digital camera in a blister pack), to the way below average image quality compared to other 5MP cameras, to the 9 frame per second "video" capabilities, to the images that mysteriously dissappear from the SD card. Stay away from this one, folks, and warn your friends.

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