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Weekend Review: This week's rigs


Each week, we recap the Rigs of the Day that have graced our pages over the past seven days, and crown a "Rig of the Week." Here is the current entry.

Reader *nathan asks, "Where did the computer go?" Let's hope he got that thing back together. jasonsewell wow'd us with the 50" TV connected to his Mac mini running FrontRow. His set up makes the TV I won in college in 1989 seem even more pathetic.* In fact, we were so stunned by jasonsewell's set up, what we went on a bit of a multimedia rig frenzy. Reader ICULOOKN had a similar arrangement, with the clever addition of an iSight camera, and beenester decided to use a G5 Powermac as his multimedia Mac. Very cool.

OndraSoukup believes in raising Mac addicts from the start, and Zennifer attached a swivel arm to the back of her G5 iMac for a very cool floating effect.

So which is the Rig of the Week? We've got to go with Zennifer's floating iMac. Sure, the swivel arm is kind of bulky, but you won't see it while working. We really like it. Well done!

If you'd like to see your own rig featured here, simply upload photos into our group Flickr pool. We select one image to highlight each day, and crown a Rig of the Week on Sundays.

*Yes, I still use a TV I got in college in 1989 as my primary TV. It's sad.

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