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Panasonic's 65-inch TH-65PV500B plasma TV reviewed


With the World Cup set to start in less than two weeks, it's time to extract the catheter, re-prioritize, and go big. Trusted Reviews just posted a giddy review of Panasonic's 65-inch Viera TH-65PV500B plasma TV calling it "one of the very few truly giant" sets designed for the "average Joe" with, uh 13 Gs to burn. This 1080i capable beast features HDMI (with HDCP) and component options for HD sources, a PC jack, and three SCARTs (2 x RGB), S-Video, and an SD slot. The 65PV500B also brings its own digital-tuner to the party with "all the bangs and whistles" you'd expect like a 7-day EPG with timer. But the picture's the thing boy, and this set delivers by slapping-up "outstanding" images by the standards of big plasmas with colors touting excellent vibrancy and subtlety. Blacks are "superbly dark" and pictures are "superbly free of video noise" even when sourced from upwardly scaled, standard definition feeds. After a review like this, you can just forget about that new kidney your doc's been droning-on about -- you need this TeeVee.

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