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Samsung / SK Telecom PC card: an HSDPA, EV-DO, WiBro love-in


Prepare that national ego for a beating son, 'cause SK Telecom and Samsung have developed a Korea-only mobile data card sure to make you feel like a chump. Having just launched their HSDPA service days ago, it's no suprise to see Korea's largest mobile operator demonstrating a PCMCIA data card which supports both HSDPA and EV-DO. However, this card also packs in WiBro setting the stage for some good ol' fashioned head-to-head action against Korean Telecom. KT's WiBro service is set to go live in just days while SK's offering is only just now in pilot, with a limited commercial offering said to be starting next month when this card should drop for retail. But who knows, afterall SK's fledgling HSDPA service is said to offer equivalent speeds to KT's WiBro and at least initially the two complementary services are targeting the same market segments. So SK's not in a rush, if ya dig?

[Via Akihabara News]

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