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HTC Breeze up close and personal


You may not be able to read it without the aid of some wonky Babelfish translation, but it's still well worth checking out Mobinaute's review of the HTC Breeze smartphone. They totally blow things out with a ton of detailed of pics, sample shots from the phone's camera, and a six minute long video demonstration of the handset (in French, of course). As previously reported, the handset itself has a 300Mhz Samsung 2442 processor, 240x320 TFT screen, 64MB RAM, 128MB ROM, Bluetooth 2.0, a MicroSD slot, 3G capabilities, and dual cameras (1.3 Megapixel on the rear for still pictures and a  352 x 388 CIF camera on the front for video calls). On the whole, Mobinaute seems fairly impressed with the handset, the biggest downside being the lack of integrated WiFi.

[Via coolsmartphone]

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