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Sharp's LL-174A and LL-194B 8-millisecond LCDs


Sharp just dropped a couple of ho-hum LCDs onto the Japanese market with their LL-174A and LL-194B. As you might have surmised from those snappy product names, these are the 17 and 19-inch variety panels. Both feature an 8-millisecond response, 1280 x 1024 resolution, a 160-degree viewing angle, and a single VGA connector. The 174A sports a 650:1 contrast ratio and some tin-tastic 1W x 1W speakers while the 194B goes a bit better with a 700:1 contrast opting-out of the speakers entirely. Hitting the streets of Japan starting June 14 for about ¥39,800/$350 and ¥54,800/$490, respectively, which ain't too bad over there.

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