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Engadget named #13 in PC World's 100 Best Products of the Year

Ryan Block, @ryan

We really didn't want to brag, but we've gotten literally dozens of tips on this... so we moved our post which was originally only available at onto the main page. Thanks for your support everybody, it's you -- our loyal readers -- who keep this site running!

Yep, that's us, wedged right in between FireFox 1.5 and Toshiba's HD-A1 in PC World's 100 Best Products of the Year. Nice! Glad to hear we beat out HD DVD. Hell, we even beat out Google (17), TiVo (31), the iPod (36), Dell's 3007WFP (64), even EV-DO (82) and the Xbox 360 (89). Wow, how meta that we beat out so many products that comprise a huge amount of our coverage -- it's an honor! We think you guys are alright too, PC World. And we're not just saying that, you know?

[Thanks, DJ]

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