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M-Cody's M20 merges nano with Chocolate


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Why just swipe one product design when you could be keepin' it real fake-er with two unabashed design steals? M-Cody asks that question with their new M20 music player, which merges a few stylings of LG's uber-popular Chocolate phone with a nice helping of iPod nano to create a quite stylish and sexy -- if a bit unoriginal -- music player. The specs aren't that bad, with MP3, WMA and OGG support, flash storage ranging from 512MB to 2GB and a nano bustin' 1.1 to 1.4-ounce weight. The positively bulky 0.3-inch thickness doesn't quite match up though, and 128 x 64 pixel OLED display isn't going to win many awards either. We don't have a price or launch dates yet, but this presumably China-bound player isn't looking too shabby -- fakery and all.

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