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Oppo's new HDMI-equipped upscaling DVD player - DV-970HD

Matt Burns

Oppo, maker of everyones favorite DVD upscaler, has just announced another model - the DV-970HD. This time around the player features HDMI output rather then the DVI. Oh man, it just doesn't end there ether. This player is loaded with goodies like 4-in-1 media card readers and USB input, PAL/NTSC support, 5.1 analog audio output, and optical/digital coax outputs. It supports DivX, DVD-Audio, SACD, and Xvid. This slim little player even has the ability to utilize the digital path of DIM but keep the resolution at a 480i in order to feed an external scaler. Man, there is just to much to talk about with this player.

Oh and did we mention it was only $149 and included a HDMI cable?

[thanks for the tip Kevin]

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