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Samsung ZX20 poised to usher in HSDPA age on Cingular

Chris Ziegler

It could end up being a photo finish between the ZX20 and the LG CU500 in the race to become the first HSDPA handset on Cingular's 3G network -- but for the ZX20's sake, we hope it launches first, because it's the ugly duckling when you put these two first-gen devices side by side. At any rate, we can now say with some certainty that the ZX20 will support video calling after the FCC dropped some user's manual goodness on us. Besides that and the aforementioned HSDPA, the ZX20 adds Bluetooth 2.0, but is otherwise a dead ringer for its pappy, the UMTS-only ZX10.

[Via phoneArena - Thanks, Jordan]

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