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Amp'd prepai'd deets emerge

Chris Ziegler

Amp'd is finally adding a prepaid service option, especially appropriate given their young target demographic. Touted as "the first pay-as-you-go 3G wireless phone service," it looks like voice minutes and plain ol' SMS will run you 10 cents a pop, MMS messages come in at 25 cents, and speedy EV-DO data will be a relative bargain at 37.5 cents per MB (by comparison, Cingular can run you $10 per MB if you're not careful). There's a 25% surcharge tacked onto music track downloads over what postpaid customers shell out -- about $1.24 instead of 99 cents -- which sounds sketchy until you realize that your $1.24 covers the taxes and whatnot that the postpaid guys are going to be hit up with at the end of the month, anyway. We haven't heard a name being floated for the service yet, but "Prepai'd" is pretty clever, no?

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