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Dell drops two new XPS models; one big, one small

Dell introduced two new XPS machines yesterday: one of them is the diminutive M1210, packing an (optional) 256MB NVIDIA GeForce Go 7400 TurboCache graphics solution into a 4-1/2 pound package. All right, not too shabby, but that's not what the hardcore PC gamers are interested in, now is it? They want to hear about Dell's new, enormous, XPS 700 desktop.

Dell's XPS 700 desktops pack some serious power, but at what cost?
This thing sizes up to 21.86" x 8.6" x 24.25" making it, volumetrically, 74707 cm^3. That's about 8.5 times as large as a PS3! I checked the math ... twice!

Alright, so it's not winning any performance per cubic centimeter contests anytime soon, but the XPS 700 isn't supposed to be a pint-sized pixie. Think of it as the sort of computer that will not only run Doom III really well but look like it had a cameo in the game. Outfitted with a bunch of red LEDs and optional Quad-SLI, this thing is sure to melt your eyeballs, both literally and figuratively.

[Via Engadget]

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