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Moto preps "Destination Q" in hometown

Chris Ziegler

We've known for a while now that Motorola's been throwing together the plans for Operation: Don't Get Embarrassed By Nokia In Our Hometown, but they're just now starting to make some deets official for their Chicago boutique -- now known as "Destination Q" -- one week before the scheduled grand opening of June 8. From the press release, it sounds like the storefront is going to be something of a shrine to Moto's love affair with Verizon, putting their Q, V3c, and V325 front and center. Heck, they're even importing a handful of Verizon reps to hassle you while you sample the goods. We also know that Destination Q is being labeled as a glorified kiosk popup store. In fact, the boutique's home, the former location of the Terra Museum of American Art, is scheduled to be replaced by a residential building next year, leaving Moto precious little time to do battle with the more-permanent Nokia facility across the street. So, where can you find Destination Q, you ask? 666 N. Michigan Avenue on Chicago's Magnificent Mile -- the perfect location for Verizon to test-market its "$199 with a 2-year contract or your soul" promotion on the Q.

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