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NES pad + anything = art


Jonic over at Re:Retro provides some heated commentary on the latest example (pictured right) of the iconic NES pad being commandeered for use as art.

"That's right folks... To be considered an artist paying homage to the video games of days gone by all you have to do is glue a NES pad to absolutely anything you damn well please! I mean, some fucker will blog about it!"

I don't want to get into the whole "what is art?" debate on this humble blog post, but I agree that slapping a game controller on a traffic light button is stretching the definition a little. Still, that's not to say there aren't guides for turning the NES controller into something practical. In the past we've linked to how-tos for turning the NES controller into a laser mouse and a USB gamepad. There's also a guide for making a NES controller digital audio player which will add that little extra touch of nostalgia to your daily NES tune chillout session. That's if you're not busy performing music on your NES controller musical instrument. There's even a guide for turning the NES pad into a TV remote. That's the last NES pad mod we're gonna link to, we promise. OK, one more.

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