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Behind-the-scenes with Ctrl+Alt+Del's Tim Buckley [update 1]

Ross Miller

Tim Buckley has posted another trailer for Ctrl+Alt+Del's premium content. While the introductory cartoon is a bit too reminiscent of Clerks (great movie, but not for parody), what we found fascinating was the quick look into the process of making a strip for publication. From the initial sketchwork to his work with a Cintiq, none of this will probably interest those familiar with graphic design, but we get a kick out of behind-the-scenes glimpses like these.

While we're on the subject, is it just us or does Tim Buckley bear kind of a resemblance to Elliott Smith?

Also be sure to check out Scott Johnson's Diary of a Cartoonist, who has been showing off behind-the-scenes work since early March.

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Here is the YouTube video:

[update 1: Not a tablet PC, got it. Added a link to Scott's behind-the-scenes, and played down the whole Elliott Smith thing ... since that's more or less just me ... I'll get through this, with some help from Johnny Walker Red.]

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