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Net neutrality: one Spartan takes on Congress

Ross Miller

Net neutrality, a term coined by Columbia Law School professor Tim Wu, is the "principle that network operators should not discriminate among network applications" (from Wikipedia) -- decrees that all websites, be it Joystiq or USA Today, are created equal. But what if net neutrality was disturbed? Take a look at the Communications Opportunity, Promotion and Enhancement Act (COPE), which would diminish the network neutrality in the US. A recent episode of Halo 2-themed video blog This Spartan Life, entitled "Can't Buy Me Web," demonstrated what COPE could mean for the internet. And, oddly enough, Congress listened.

According to This Spartan Life, their latest episode is being "passed around [Congressional offices] to galvanize the coalition fighting to get net neutrality written into law." We are very impressed, but at the same time very amused that Senators are watching one Spartan "stick it to the man" by blowing him up with a sticky grenade. The issue of net neutrality affects us all, and if you have a chance take a look at web sites like Save the Internet, Center for Digital Democracy, and Public Knowledge.

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