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RCA HDV5000 HD DVD player hits store shelves


HD DVD continues to move, as RCA has announced we can buy their HD DVD player, the HDV5000 at stores everywhere. Its basically the same as the lower-end Toshiba HD-A1 model, although a few earlybirds on AVSForum have noted the remote is a bit better. If you're looking for more than the 1080i, 30 second boot time loading of the first HD DVD players however, you'll need to look elsewhere as they share the same hardware underneath. PQ is still excellent, akin to an HD broadcast without the nasty compression artifacts, same HDMI out, surround sound support and everything else. Still, if $499 is burning a hole in your pocket and your local electronics retailer doesn't carry Toshiba, this is a big day for you. We're just glad this is over so we can look forward to second-generation players, sans-glitches and 1080i maximum resolution.

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