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Wii rumor roundup: Pricing! Dates! Games!

Evan Blass

To write the 2000+ word diatribe posted on Moz La Punk forums which supposedly exposes all of the remaining Nintendo Wii secrets, a self-proclaimed insider calling himself "boredtraveler" has to be either completely on the level or in need of some rather serious counseling. Claiming to be a trainer tasked with helping technicians introduce the Wii's gaming platform to developers, the poster is very specific on many details surrounding the console, including its supposed pricing (two packages, at $200 and $300), release date (November 10th -- "Revolution Day," he calls it -- although Cubed3 is claiming another "insider" says November 6th), upcoming games (several of which are claimed to be rated a very un-Nintendo AO), and most intriguingly, an explanation of what he calls an "AI engine" developed by IBM and ATI that will radically change the way games are made and played. Boredtraveler says we'll find out that he's the real deal during a two-hour presentation at Nintendo's Space World in August, but it's equally possible that he's just a lonely fanboy who may, as another MLP poster suggested, need to "get a girlfriend."

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