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OCZ's Mini-Kart USB flash drive


We've seen plenty of tiny USB flash drives, not to mention all those SD cards with built-in USB connectors, so we thought that portable storage had finally gotten small enough for everyone to be happy. Storage device manufacturer OCZ doesn't think so, however, and are hoping that their Mini-Kart USB flash -- available now in sizes up to 2GB for around $60 -- will lure consumers away from other Lililiputian options on the market. The folks at XYZ Computing broke out a magnifying glass and took one of the little drives for a spin, finding that the transfer rate was slower than on a larger drive -- but apparently, they were willing to live with the trade-off for the smaller size and coolness factor. We say that since you'll probably just end up losing this thing anyway, you're better off keeping your most sensitive data more tightly guarded -- like by wrapping it around your wrist.

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