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Video Games Live starts ... damn, in 3 hours! [update 1]

I'm walking out the door now, but wanted to remind any Philadelphians that Video Games Live is going down at the Merriam Theater (on Broad St., just south of City Hall) at 8pm. There will be stuff going on before and after the show, in addition to the show itself, so if you feel like making a night of it, tickets should still be available at the door.

As promised, I'll* be meeting up with a couple readers at dive bar extraordinaire, McGlinchey's, just around the corner at 259 S. 15th Street around 6PM. If you're looking for a cheap beer, a round or two of Metroid Prime: Hunters, and a whooping smoke-induced cough before the big show, this is the place to be. Look forward to meeting anyone attending!

*I'll be the tall dork with a Joystiq shirt on and a now super-lame DS Phat.

[Update: Chris will be meeting peeps at 6PM, not 7PM as previously stated. The time of this update is 6:15PM, so you're already 15 minutes late dammit! -Conrad]

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