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Bluedot BDM-100S DVD/CD storage and retrieval silo


Japanese Bluedot just announced their Divita BDM-100S "neo style" disc storage system. Don't be fooled though, she ain't no integrated disc changer like we've seen with the Sony VAIO XL1 Digital Living System, it's for the storage and retrieval of up to 100 DVD or CDs supplanting that multi-colored jewel case clutter. Discs are located by scrolling through your collection on that 1.8-inch display or by tapping in the title and searching the catalog.  Without any type of PC connectivity or CDDB lookup capability though, you can expect a long, mind numbing data entry experience on that text-unfriendly keypad. Look for it to drop in July for about ¥41,790 or $370 for your clean livin' fix. And if doesn't work out, it'll make one helluva cantenna.

[Via Impress Watch]

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