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Finding parking spots goes online and mobile

Ryan Block, @ryan

As anyone who's ever driven around for an hour and a half in San Francisco looking for parking well knows, finding a spot in some areas in some towns can be a chore akin to combing a shag carpet Marc Summers style. Thankfully, according to a Wired tech profile, the art of spot-finding may soon become a lost one, as the practice will soon give way to technology companies embedding sensors into streets, spaces, and garages, enabling users to track and locat parking on their cellphones. Some 30 US cities, apparently, will have such systems installed by this summer thanks to the likes of such companies as MobileParking, Streetline Networks, and Dykstra (what, no XM?), whose tools may not only relieve downtown traffic by up to 30% by taking spot searchers off the road, but they may also lead to widespread implementation of e-parking meters -- and possibly the end of the era of parking tickets. Ah, what a time to be alive.

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