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Kojima speaks out some more on MGS4!

Adams Briscoe

So if Afrika didn't do it for you and nothing else tickles your fancy on PS3 just yet, then you know there's always Metal Gear Solid 4 to look forward to. Hideo Kojima shared some great information about the gameplay for the upcoming title in an interview with PSM2.

One of the things he talked about was the "octo cam" suit. This puppy can adapt by changing color and form based on your surroundings. Of course that will happen on the fly, and most interestingly enough is only possible on the PlayStation 3 (the graphical effect that is, according to Kojima).

He also talked about the destructible environments. Only certain things will have that potential, so don't expect everything to just go down in flames. He wrapped it up with his infamous sign-off stating that this would be his last Metal Gear title ("No guys I'm serious this time...").

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