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Motorola L6i and L7i for O2's i-mode?

Chris Ziegler

The time has apparently come in the SLVR's life cycle for Moto to start MLKNG it for everything it's worth -- this time around, imodephones is reporting that Motorola is about to drop the SLVR-like L6i and SLVR-proper L7i for O2's i-mode service. If you're familiar with the L6 and L7, you'll be right at home with their i-mode counterparts -- the chief difference is reported to be the addition of a 1.3 megapixel camera on both models (compared to VGA on the originals). We're on to your product lifecycle strategy, Moto, and while we're sure it pays the bills, it's boring. Spill some details on the SCPL and we promise to lay off for a while. For a few hours, anyway.

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