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New Xbox 360 dashboard rocks "125 new features"

Ryan Block, @ryan

We know the "evil empire" is being cheeky by launching their big Xbox 360 dashboard update tomorrow on 6/6/6, but they're boasting it's got 125 new features for gamers to make it worth their while in updating (not like we have any choice). We don't know how many of those "features" account for bug fixes, optimizations, and UI improvements, but we are now definitely sure the Live Marketplace has the performance optimized background download manager, downloaded video fast-forward and rewind, DVD movie bookmarking, and apparently some 122 other improvements we can look out for (ahem). Should be downloadable tomorrow morning at 2:00AM PST (we already tried, no dice as of right now -- for us, anyway), so keep that Xbox runnin'.

[Thanks, Ben]

Update: sweet, got hit with a list of new features! Notable ones include: boot to dashboard (hey, sometimes you don't want to play the game in the drive on turn-on, you know?), persistent music levels, disabling sound while in dashboard, and what seems like a bunch of other bug fixes, optimizations, and UI improvements. You know, features. Thanks PJ.

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