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Poll results: (Reevaluated) next-gen combo platters

After receiving over 30,000 votes -- a new Joystiq record methinks, and nearly four times as many responses as our earlier poll -- we finally have a winner! For our poll, we wrote, "With a finite amount of entertainment dollars going to next-gen consoles, it could be argued that every extra dollar spent on a PS3 is one less being spent on another console like the Wii."

With a more expensive PSWii combo, our readers aren't going to be dropping the Wii so much as they'll be buying less PS3s. Even with a much larger test bed, the percentage of respondents who intend to purchase a Wii is roughly the same; however, the PlayStation 3 suffered a significant setback, resulting in an increase in Xbox 360 purchasing intentions.

Total percentages: # of votes - % of votes - previous %

Wii: 26204 votes - 85.93% - 84.21%
PS3: 6581 votes - 21.58% - 48.41%
360: 17629 votes - 57.81% - 46.30%

Market share: new % - old %
Wii: 51.98% - 47.06%
PS3: 13.05% - 27.06%
360: 34.97% - 25.88%

It is clear that Peter Moore's assertion that people are "going to buy an Xbox and they're going to buy a Wii" has some legs, with a plurality of voters choosing the Wii60 combo platter. Nintendo's console combo strategy also appears to have withstood Sony's price announcement, just resulting in notably less PSWii bundles.

Of course, these numbers may have no analog in real life sales for any console (statisticians we are not) but they do represent an accurate depiction of what Joystiq readers think. Have at 'em.

(Update: corrected some grammatical confusion.)

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