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Darkmoon Faire Back in Town

Mike D'Anna

I don't know if it's happening WoW-wide, but on my server, at least, the Darkmoon Faire is back in town this week. Those enterprising little goblins have set up camp outside of Goldshire with the usual host of games & prizes.

Personally, I love the Faire, especially the human cannonball...I can never resist giving it a whirl. I always enjoy stopping by the fortune teller, as well, even though I usually wind up with a buff that I can't really use. Last time they came through town, I also got a nice 2-handed sword out of a prize box that I ended up using for several levels...much more useful than that silkscreened Def Leppard mirror that I won at the last real-life fair I went too.

What about you guys? Does the Faire live up to the hype? Do you actually go collect the items for the various ticket booths, or do you just buy them on the AH? Have you collected any card decks? Gotten any good prizes? Let us know....

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