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Final Fantasy game announced for Amp'd


Square-Enix has announced that the excessively-titled Dirge of Cerberus: Lost Episode - Final Fantasy VII will be available exclusively for Amp'd handsets this summer. It's already the most popular 3D mobile game in Japan, taking place shortly after the events of Final Fantasy VII, and thrusting you in the role of one Vincent Valentine who, you guessed it, must save the world from evil. The mobile version is being timed to coincide with the August release of Dirge of Cereberus: Final Fantasy VII for the PlayStation 2 and will initially be single-player only, although Square-Enix promises to let you get your multiplayer fix at a later date. And if you aren't lucky enough to have Amp'd service, or if fancy 3D graphics just aren't your thing, you can always grab an NES emulator and bust out some classic 8-bit Final Fantasy -- although we can't say Square would approve.

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