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Gosub 60 announces Camera Phone Darts


Gosub 60, makers of various cellphone games, have announced that they're currently developing "Camera Phone Darts," a motion-sensing-enhanced game set to launch in October. The game will drop you into a virtual pub and let you look around and aim simply by moving your cameraphone around. Actually throwing the dart is done by pushing a button, so you don't need to worry about knocking out the person in front of you. And for gamers looking to relieve a bit of pent up rage (well, as much as one can by pushing a button), the dartboard can be customized to include any picture you like, and you can throw a variety of projectiles at it, including spit wads, tomatoes, and water ballons. If you're skeptical about how well all this will actually work, you can take a little reassurance from the fact that the game is based on EYEMOBILE-ENGINE from GestureTek, the same company who's technology is used in Sony's EyeToy and Microsoft's XBOX 360 Live Vision camera, which do work quite well. According to Gosub, the game will be available for BREW on a number of U.S. carriers, with prices beginning at $2.99 for a subscription and $5.99 for unlimited-use downloads. Virtual beer not included.

[Via Reiter's Camera Phone Report]

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