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HTC swallows Dopod

Chris Ziegler

HTC, seasoned manufacturer of highly desirable Windows Mobile devices big and small, has agreed to acquire at least 51% of Taiwanese VAR Dopod in a transaction that "will not surpass $150 million." The deal smells a bit improper, seeing how HTC Chairwoman Cher Wang is a controlling shareholder in Dopod, but there is some logic to the acquisition -- it positions HTC a little closer to its adoring public, giving it a recognized brand name (at least in some parts of the world) and a sales channel to push its wares. Of course, Dopod doesn't have much brand awareness outside Asia, but if HTC decides to go big with their new toy, the i-mates of the world might have reason to find a different line of work -- or at least a different OEM of choice.

[Via Smartphone Thoughts]

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