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Nokia's "Raccoon" project turns cellphones into webservers


It's been no secret that Nokia has been working on a mobile web server, lovingly codenamed project "Raccoon," but now they've taken things one step further, recently releasing the server source code under an open source license on the SourceForge website. The server is a version of Apache originally designed for the Nokia 6630 phone, although Nokia says it should work on any S60 2nd Edition Feature Pack 2 phone. It's certainly a big deal, and could well change the shape of the Internet, although we think Nokia may be getting a little ahead of themselves saying things like: "If every mobile phone or even every smartphone initially is equipped with a webserver, then very quickly most websites will reside on mobile phones." Better work on increasing that 100 to 1,000 concurrent user limit on the gateway first, or it'll be a while before we serve up a truly mobile Engadget Mobile.

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