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Opera releases updated browser for Pocket PC


For anyone not content to kick it pre-beta style with Mozilla's Minimo, Opera has just released an updated version of its browser for Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs, with a version for Smartphones promised soon. Now clocking in at version 8.60, the browser runs on both Windows Mobile 5 and 2003 SE, and sports Opera's newest core code, as well as tabbed browsing and landscape/portrait browsing modes. Minimo still has a big leg up on Opera in one key area though: price. While Opera offers a free 30-day trial, you'll have to fork over $24 if you want to continue using it. (Wait, didn't Opera go free on the desktop? Whatever.) That may fly while Minimo's still getting its act together, but Opera will have to watch their back once it catches up to its desktop counterpart.

[Thanks, Hesh]

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