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WWE fused with Super Smash Bros: it ain't pretty [update 2]


What do you get when you stretch the skins of characters from Super Smash Bros. over wrestlers from WWE Smackdown!? A disturbingly compelling game along with a pimped out Mario, that's what. Watch as Mario and chums perform maneuvers from head slams to full frontal kicks in the face. There's even a Solid Snake cameo! Just don't show this thing to your kids, they'll never want to play a Mario game again. And yes, that pink fat dude is Kirby. Weiiird.

Who's gonna be the next victim of pimp my video game?

Update: the video has been removed from YouTube. Apparently it violated their copyright rules. If anyone can find the real video online then let us know and we'll update the post.

Update 2: the video is back up, with no explanation as to why it went down. Check it out after the jump.

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