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ATI teams with Havok for boundless gaming

Alan Rose

ATI made some noise today with a pair of announcements regarding their new physics processing technologies. The 3D graphics leader is introducing the CrossFire X1900 multi-GPU solution, which gives gamers a choice of asymmetrical physics configurations -- what ATI has coined "boundless gaming". The setup requires either one or two graphics cards for rendering, and a separate card for physics processing. "Boundless" refers to the open architecture that allows for different cards to be used in each role, so gamers can decide between various high and low end cards to handle each function. ATI maintains an updated list of CrossFire certified components.

ATI will also be working more closely with middleware provider Havok to promote the Havok FX SDK. Games that have leveraged the Havok technology include Half-Life 2, Perfect Dark Zero, FEAR, and the Splinter Cell series.

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