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The Giovannoni TimeSphere projecting alarm clock


We've seen plenty of alarm clocks that offer different ways to pull you out of bed no matter how hungover, sleepy, or otherwise incapacitated you are. Almost all of these clocks, however, rely on the same old LEDs or LCDs to actually display the time. The Giovannoni TimeSphere may not rumble or fly around the room, but it will project the time on any surface. Fine, yea, we know it's not the first clock with a projector either, but it is one of the more stylish (if 80s-style cyberpunk designs are your thing), and it is apparently the first with a wireless projection unit -- that's what the ball thing sitting on top is, which you position anywhere you like to get the best view of the time. Also, unlike so many of these alarm clocks we keep telling you about, this one is an actual product, available from Oregon Scientific for the hefty sum of $150.

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