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Hitachi and Mitsubishi have HD DVD-R/RW media on the way


Though HD DVD has soundly beat Blu-ray to market on the consumer end, they're lagging a bit behind when it comes to burners. Now the format is following the same inexplicable pattern of Blu-ray by getting the recordable media out first, without even an announcement of HD DVD recorders to work with the media. Hitachi and Mitsubishi are leading the charge to bring the pricey coasters to market, announcing HD DVD-R media will be released in Japan on July 5th with RW and dual-layer versions to follow later this summer. The 15GB HD DVD-R media should go for about $17.75, which doesn't seem much of a value compared to the $20 Blu-ray discs, which hold 25GB, and were supposed to be pricier due to the new manufacturing methods. There's also no word of 2X discs right now, so we're worried our HD DVD friends could be chugging along at about half the speed of their Blu-ray counterparts.

[Via HD Beat, Watch Impress]

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