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Iceman Outdoor PC delivers poolside entertainment

Evan Blass

Just like a fellow we once knew who also went by the name of Iceman, Visson's new fan-less, all-weather outdoor PC may be a little off-putting at first (due to its 1.5GHz Via processor and support for just 1GB of RAM, though, not because it seems "dangerous"), but wins you over in the end by getting the job done even in the harshest conditions. While you'd certainly never consider Iceman for your most important computing tasks (read: gaming), the optional digital TV receiver and wireless LAN, along with MPEG-2 decoding, ensure that you can stay entertained even while lounging around the pool -- it would go great with the ginormous inflatable SuperScreen Outdoor Theater System we saw last year. And now, the obligatory Top Gun reference for wrapping up this post: Iceman, you can be our wingman anytime.

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