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Panasonic 4GB SDHC card

Matt Burns

It's not everyday that a flash media card makes news here at HD Beat. This normal looking SD card though is something special to us and is hopefully going to help along the HDTV revolution. It is a Class 2 SD card that has the speed and capacity needed for high-def recordings. This little SD card has a transfer rate of 2MBs/16Mbps and a 4GB storage capacity. That Sayno HD pocket cam was the first flash based high-def recorder but it definitely was not the last. Panasonic themselves has a new camcorder, while it isn't HD, utilizes this new type of media. The speed of flash media has always been a stumbling block for portable HD devices but not anymore.

Unfortunately, this card is not backwards compatible with older SD devices. It will be available in Japan on July 15 for a price of $265.

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