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PQI has 64GB SATA 2.5-inch flash drive ready for August


We knew PQI could put their flash memory prowess to better use than that "The card is just not a card!" deal they were messing around with last time we saw 'em. It looks like they've gone and done us proud with a 2.5-inch SATA flash drive for notebooks with a whopping 64GB of storage, giving it a real claim to replacing that clunky old HDD in our laptop -- once we can scrounge up the $2000 this thing will be selling for. The best news is that the drive should be out in August of this year, almost even beating Samsung's $1000 32 gigger to the punch. Supposed transfer speeds are at a not-too-shabby 32MBs, but the real payoff for early adopters will be the reliability and battery life afforded by these things.

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