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Another iPod dock with 7-inch screen, from iLuv


It might be the hip-cool thing these days to make an iPod dock with a 7-inch screen for the iPod user that has it all, but we're not so sure this i1055 Video System from iLuv is quite legit. First off, we just saw the first of these devices -- the Sonic Impact K1 -- a week ago, and it didn't even look to be out of the prototype stage yet. The K1 was also quite bulky, yet didn't have room for a DVD drive which this i1055 claims to have. Finally, the back of this device, where they show the iPod being docked, is a total concept render, and not a very good one at that. If all this is to be believed, the $250 device has a 7-inch widescreen, S-Video out, built-in rechargeable battery, dual audio outputs, and can charge your iPod while you have the unit plugged into its own AC adapter. It seems to be available for order now, and we'd love to be proved wrong, but for now we're thinking a bit of wait-and-see might be in order.

[Via TUAW]

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