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US hardware sales in May: PS2 on the rise, 360 takes a dip [update 1]

Ross Miller

The hardware sales for US consoles has been released, here's how it broke down, in terms of total unit sales and difference (in percentage) from April:

  1. PlayStation 2: 232,000 ( 12.1%)
  2. Sony PSP: 159,659 ( 17.1%)
  3. Nintendo DS: 145,930 ( 5.4%)
  4. Xbox 360: 221,000 ( 25%)
  5. GameCube: 33,000 ( 13.2%)
  6. Xbox One: 26,000 ( 33.3%)
The sales data for the PSP and DS have yet to be released.  With the summer drought upon us, expect hardware sales to either decline or remain stagnant as we move closer to the holiday season. We were a bit surprised by the PlayStation 2's increase in sales, which we can only attribute to the release of the mega-selling Kingdom Hearts II or the announced PlayStation 3 price deterring future customers.

[update 1: added handheld sales]

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