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Xero Mobile to license ad system

Chris Ziegler

As our mamas used to tell us, "fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me." Those are wise words right now for any company, investor, or individual with an interest in Xero Mobile, brought to you by some of the same winners that brought you Gizmondo. We'd assumed these folks would've folded by now, but Xero claims to be on target for a January 2007 launch of their free, ad-based MVNO for college students (sound familiar?). In the meantime, they've gotta make an honest buck somehow, so they've begun licensing their nonexistent service to foreign companies with "expressions of interest" in launching Xero in their local markets. We hope this madness comes to an end before the world has to witness another work of art needlessly destroyed by crooked execs, but even in the unlikely event Xero makes it to see 2007, at least Virgin is a step ahead on the business model.

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