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HD DVDs released on June 13th 2006

Ben Drawbaugh

This is the last week of this weekly post, because this is the last week before Blu-ray titles will be released. From June 20th on we will post both HD DVD and Blu-ray titles for that week.

We only have three titles this week, but there are some good ones. Yet another day and date release with DVD this week with 16 Blocks from Warner. We really enjoyed this movie and look forward to seeing it in HD, it reminds us of The Gauntlet. Universal isn't sitting out again this week and they come back with the comedy classic Happy Gilmore. This bring the totals to Warner 14 Vs. Universal 12. It should start to get interesting next week with the first Blu-ray titles, We wonder how long it will take for Blu-ray to catch up to HD DVD in regards to the number of titles?

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