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Interact-TV's TellyRAID serves 2TB of TV


If the joys of prime time serial dramas such as 24, Lost and Desperate Housewives are proving a bit taxing on that garden variety DVR or WMCE of yours, it might be time to bump your storage with a bit of NAS action. Luckily, Interact-TV has an incredibly pricey solution to your woes, which doesn't just bump your storage, but includes a whole DVR/DVD/CD managing system to bear on your media problems. The newly launched TellyRAID, bundled with the TellyVizion, allows you to rip and store DVDs, CDs, Photos TV shows and surf the web for even more content to stuff into the 2TB TellyRAID. The TellyVizion can also burn CD playlists, and can be scheduled remotely via the Telly website. The RAID runs quietly, and can work with other computers or compatible media devices to serve  up media over Gigabit Ethernet or USB 2.0. It supports up to four SATA drives, and can work with a USB network adapter for WiFi connectivity. All of this doesn't come cheap, you can get the pair for $2,860, but it should hold onto a season or two of those prime time good times.

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