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The X830: Samsung's oddball spinner to go global?

Chris Ziegler

There are many variations of the theme, but the story typically ends the same: Korean manufacturer shows off hot phone; hot phone goes on sale in Korea; rest of the world never hears about the hot phone again. For a change of pace, we might have a happy ending this time. Remember the curious SPH-S4300 music-centric spinner we told you about a while back? It seems Samsung's found a few customers happy with the 2-column keypad layout, since they're releasing a nearly identical phone with GSM innards as the X830. Internal flash is down from 1GB to a fairly pathetic 82MB, but given the phone's microscopic 85 x 29 x 20mm dimensions, we're nearly willing to forgive. If you pick this one up, be careful, dear readers -- looks mighty easy to put an eye out with that spin mechanism. View the X830 stowed in its upright, locked position after the break.

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