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Video editing: Mac or PC?

David Chartier

Our pals over at DV Guru (a sister blog) have posed one of the endearing questions in the video editing industry to their readers, which I thought might be fitting for TUAW as well: video editing - Mac or PC? For the longest time, video editing on a PC with Avid software has been the reigning king, but Apple's Final Cut Pro seems to be making its own fair share of waves in the industry. I also know there are plenty of other packages out there, as I used to have an editing job in which I sold my soul worked on Sony's Vegas software - not a shining moment in my career, let me tell you.

But what do you, TUAW readers, think about the state of video editing? Are you working on premium Avid setups, Final Cut Pro and a G5 or Microsoft's good ol' fashioned Windows Movie Maker? Let's hear it.

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