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AUO promises CRT quality from an LCD


AUO is showing off their new LCD technology this week at the FPD Taiwan 2006 show. They already improved conventional CCFL backlighting, but their new HiColor Technology with RGB LED backlight ups the available NTSC color gamut from 72% to 105%, eliminating one of the major complaints about LCDs. Their new Simulated Pulse Driving technology improves gray-to-gray refresh rates to 4ms, giving what they claim is CRT-level image quality. Advanced MVA technology provides a 1200:1 contrast ratio that will also improve the color washout typical of LCD screens, and improved image processing for better detail. Better yet, all this technology is ready for the 1366x768 and 1920x1080 panels of the future.

It all sounds great, now we just need to find out who will be slapping their sticker on all this shiny new technology when it hits the shelf and how much it will cost. Hopefully we can get a picture or two once the show starts tomorrow.

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