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Image credit: is selling PS3 games also isn't just offering Wii titles for an unconfirmed price with unconfirmed release dates. Nope, they've set up shop offering nine PS3 titles for pre-order. The purported launch titles include: Devil May Cry IV, Final Fantasy VII, Indiana Jones, Killzone 2, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, Medal of Honor: Airborne, Resident Evil 5, Tekken 6, and WWE Smackdown! Vs. Raw 2007.

Now, we don't have to remind you that retailers are a notoriously unreliable source of accurate information regarding launch dates and prices. Some of their Wii titles have already been confirmed as not being launch titles, but there they are. That said, what can we extract from this list: $60 prices, in line with the Xbox 360 and higher than Nintendo's status quo $50 price; $60 for Sony-published titles like Killzone 2, unlike Microsoft's lower $50 price; and Final Fantasy VII?! That wasn't just a tech-demo?

At least with, they're not going after the nice interest-free loan most retailers do. According to their pre-order FAQ:

Q: When will I be charged?
A: You will not be charged at the time you place the pre-order. Only when your item ships will your credit card be charged. If you order additional items along with your pre-order, you will be charged for each item as it ships.

Still not sure why you'd want to pre-order software months before we know anything, but it's your future-money.

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